[Book Review: THE SERAPH SEAL by Leonard Sweet / Lori Wagner]

[Book Review: THE SERAPH SEAL by Leonard Sweet / Lori Wagner]

It’s fun to read this book now, in the year 2012, considering all the talks everywhere about the “end of the world [as we know it]”. People are not sure what to think, how to react, and who knows – a thought lingers in mind – perhaps the world will truly change on December 21, 2012.

The plot of the book is set in the year 2048 – 36 years after the apocalyptic date predicted by ancient Mayans. The world has changed – technology rules as never before, everything is connected and automated. Yet for the professor of history and cultural semiotics (signs), Dr. Paul Binder, the past contains mysteries he is invited to examine – and he is the one specifically chosen for this even before he was born.

The book is suspenseful, yet it took me a bit to adjust to all the new terminology. Considering all the technological advances along with new political and religious systems, there is a lot to get used to. Also there are a lot of characters besides the main ones. However, once you know what is going on, the story becomes really intriguing and entertaining.

If you are into conspiracy and literature like Da Vinci Code, if you like history and religion mixture, this book is for you.

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