Ever felt like you’ve got a task in front of you and you don’t feel qualified? Ever felt like the listeners know more than you about the subject you’re about to talk about?

(Yeah, I can see some heads nodding.)

I’ve “been there, done that” as well. As I was thinking about the entire concept, I remembered all the stories from the Bible where God’s people felt like they are not the ones for the job.

Moses and his stuttering speech in front of a burning bush.

Jonah who literally tried to run away from the task.

Jeremiah who thought he was too young.

Peter who told Jesus “Oh, Lord, please leave me–I’m too much of a sinner to be around you.

The list goes on.

A friend of mine was one of the speakers at a little conference that was held today. It’s the same friend who is the unofficially-official leader of the Study Friday and RedShift groups. To say that he is a good speaker is to say nothing – seriously. I am not just saying it because he’s my friend. It is his gift from God – to take complicated matters and explain them in such a way that you wonder “How did I not get it before? It’s all so simple.”

I found out that he’s one of the speakers accidentally… from my mom.

She called the other day:¬†“What was your friend’s last name?”

I told her, wondering why on earth she would suddenly ask his last name (they haven’t ever met yet – tomorrow they will).

“Oh, I thought so. I got this e-mail newsletter about a conference and it mentioned that he will be one of the speakers.”


Joining forces, my friends and I “trolled” poor guy about the fact that he’s been a partisan and haven’t told us that he will be speaking.

“I didn’t really want to make it known because I didn’t want to draw attention to myself.”

I looked at him, “So you’re going to be talking to other people, but didn’t want to share the information with your friends?”

“I didn’t think anyone would be so interested in it. And as everyone introduced themselves, I was thinking ‘What am I doing here? I can learn from these people in the audience.'”

“Well, God gave you a gift of speaking. I wish I knew how to speak like you do. I don’t (yet). Use your gift.”

We talked about other things but that idea stayed in my head and an old quote came to my mind.

God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called.

Whatever your gift is – use it. Don’t worry about the fact that some perhaps know more about the subject. Maybe they do – but we all can learn from each other.

What is your gift?

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