[WWII: Letters – Soldier]

[WWII: Letters – Soldier]

Sometimes even a short text message or a written note can mean so much.

Back in the WWII days, cell phones were unheard of and usual phones were a luxury. Internet wasn’t yet created and therefore the only way to contact someone was through handwritten letters (unless you had a typewriter, but that was also rare during the war).

I can only imagine receiving a note from someone who is away from home and in constant danger.

I would read that piece of paper over and over and over again, tracing the letters with my finger, inhaling the smell of the paper.

I would read it and breathe a silent prayer of thanks: “He’s safe, he’s okay…”

July 12, 1941

Hi mom and sister Nyusya,

I am alive and well and I wish you the same.

We are stationed not far from Kyiv.

For now, farewell.

Tell all relatives and friends hi for me.

Your son, V.

Did you ever get letters that you treasure?

  • I’ve never received a letter that probably meant half as much as that short letter meant to that mother and sister. I can’t imagine living in a world without almost instant access to our loved ones, especially during war.

    The only thing that has come close to that letter was after my father passed away and we were boxing up some of his things I found a stash of all the Father’s Day cards, Birthday Cards, etc I had ever given my dad, all the way back to before I could write!  I was touched to realize how loved I was and how proud my father was of me.  That was pretty special, it warms me to this day.

    • I love going through old birthday cards too. Some are silly, but they still mean so much. Makes me want to actually *write* out the greetings and letters to other people because I know how much I enjoy getting a handwritten letter. 

      • Very true! I have good intentions of writing letters but it often ends there.

  • I have a couple of letters stowed away that are from a girl I knew in elementary school. She was the first person to ever invite me to church (I wasn’t raised as a Christian). She passed away about 3 or 4 years ago in a tragic car accident, along with half of her family. I can’t imagine the turn my life would’ve taken without her.

    P.S. – Love the new blog design! (Wait, did I already say that? Oh well!)

    • That is awesome – I bet it’s quite a memory now whenever you come across those letters now. Sad that she’s gone now, but I guess a little bit of her remains in those letters. I have letters from our first missionaries – they were the ones who influenced my mom and I and without them I am not sure where I would be, either. I know that God works in mysterious ways and would’ve brought me to Him one way or another, but I am happy it happened how / when it happened. 

      Thanks 🙂 No, you didn’t say it yet 🙂 I decided to freshen the design up a bit. 

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