[WWII: Letters – Soldier]

[WWII: Letters – Soldier]

Sometimes even a short text message or a written note can mean so much.

Back in the WWII days, cell phones were unheard of and usual phones were a luxury. Internet wasn’t yet created and therefore the only way to contact someone was through handwritten letters (unless you had a typewriter, but that was also rare during the war).

I can only imagine receiving a note from someone who is away from home and in constant danger.

I would read that piece of paper over and over and over again, tracing the letters with my finger, inhaling the smell of the paper.

I would read it and breathe a silent prayer of thanks: “He’s safe, he’s okay…”

July 12, 1941

Hi mom and sister Nyusya,

I am alive and well and I wish you the same.

We are stationed not far from Kyiv.

For now, farewell.

Tell all relatives and friends hi for me.

Your son, V.

Did you ever get letters that you treasure?

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