[WWII: Letters – High School Student]

[WWII: Letters – High School Student]

Today’s letter is from a slightly older guy than the girl who wrote the letter I posted yesterday.

A lot of young people back in the day wanted to join the Army as soon as possible to do the patriotic thing.

A lot of them even falsified their birth years so that they would appear older by the documents.

TO: Chernoyarsk Army Commissary
FROM: Vasiliy Yakutin, a 9th grade student

I ask the Army Commissary to add me as a volunteer to the Red Army because I would like to be a loyal guardian of our country and socialism as well as protect its boundaries.

I am willing to give all my strength and knowledge for Lenin-Stalin cause and if it would be needed, I will give my young life to it as well.

Please do not deny my request.

August 19, 1939

  • Patriotism and nationalism worries me a bit on any level. I know most people find it to be a good attribute, but I don’t see it ever lauded in Scripture as desirable or honorable. 

    • I hear ya – I’ve never been a true patriot. Mostly, I guess, that comes from having so many friends from all over the world, as well as simply not fitting in as a Ukrainian (I don’t exactly like the national food and I speak better English than Ukrainian)… However, watch me when someone says (on purpose or accidentally) that Ukraine is part of Russia… OOOOhhhh… you wouldn’t want to make that mistake 😀 

  • Says something about our lack of commitment to being a Christ-follower.  

    • Bill – I was thinking about the same thing! Here this guy is ready to give up everything he has / is to see Stalin and Lenin (both terrible guys – although he didn’t know it) succeed… and we are afraid of getting out of our comfort zone even to talk to someone who needs Him…

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