[WWII: Letters – Little Girl]

Zee Gimon

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  • Wow. That’s powerful and chilling all at once.

    • Yes, especially coming from a 9-year-old girl. (Her handwriting is exceptional, however…)

      More to come later. I’ve got about 5 letters (only had my iPhone camera to use, so couldn’t take some of the pictures because of the light)…

  •  Words cannot express the power and magnitude of those words. 

  • Sure glad you translated that for me.  My Russian is rusty.  🙂  We sometimes forget that children are the ones who tend to really pay when it comes to war.  Thanks for this Zee. 

    • Yes, the kids are the real victims (because they don’t even have an agenda against the “other” guys…)

  • Mary

    Thank you for sharing. A nine year old. What beautiful handwriting. I don’t see much handwriting in Russian.

    • Handwriting in Russian usually isn’t this pretty. But I guess back in those days, the kids were really taught how to write – it is us, the younger generation, who are more accustomed to typing rather than writing… 

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