[WWII: Letters – Little Girl]

[WWII: Letters – Little Girl]

Like I promised last week, I took some pictures of the personal letters at the WWII (Great Patriotic War) museum last Saturday.

This one amazes me with the handwriting, but saddens me with the content (like most of them).

Hello dear fighters of the Leningrad front lines,

I am writing this letter to you to ask you to avenge us, the kids of Leningrad, for everything that we have lived through in 1941.

I want this hateful war to end finally and I ask you, dear fighters of the Leningrad front lines, to free us kids from the faschist’ feet.

Hated enemy has caused us much pain and sorrow, hundreds of kids died because of all the bombing.

Dear fighters, come home soon as winners.

A student of 3rd grade of the school #202


P.S. Leningrad: that’s what St. Petersburg was called during the USSR times. Basically it means the City of Lenin.

  • Wow. That’s powerful and chilling all at once.

    • Yes, especially coming from a 9-year-old girl. (Her handwriting is exceptional, however…)

      More to come later. I’ve got about 5 letters (only had my iPhone camera to use, so couldn’t take some of the pictures because of the light)…

  •  Words cannot express the power and magnitude of those words. 

  • Sure glad you translated that for me.  My Russian is rusty.  🙂  We sometimes forget that children are the ones who tend to really pay when it comes to war.  Thanks for this Zee. 

    • Yes, the kids are the real victims (because they don’t even have an agenda against the “other” guys…)

  • Mary

    Thank you for sharing. A nine year old. What beautiful handwriting. I don’t see much handwriting in Russian.

    • Handwriting in Russian usually isn’t this pretty. But I guess back in those days, the kids were really taught how to write – it is us, the younger generation, who are more accustomed to typing rather than writing… 

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