[correct answers phobia]

[correct answers phobia]

I have mentioned it briefly a couple of times at my blog, but today it’s all I keep thinking about.

I have an allergy for “right answers” and what’s worse – I am afraid of them.

This might seem weird to some, but hear me out…

In youth group (and earlier too but not as much) I often heard something along the lines “Don’t tell me the ‘right answer’ but tell me what you think about this or that issue.”

Most of the time, I had to remain quiet because what I thought coincided with the “right answer” – and I didn’t want to stand out as Ms. Smartie Pants (the trick didn’t really work since I was already known as someone who knows a lot). As a result, while I sat and listened to what others had to say regarding some issue, I wondered… If my view coincides with the “right answer” then obviously there should be some other answer which would be more accepted, more “right” if I may.

I know it might sound silly. However, these days I feel as if that is one of the biggest obstacles in my life when it comes to sharing Good News. I hate giving the “right answers” (even when they are truly right) just because… well, I was taught to tell what I think and not the “right answer.”

When someone asks a question… I halt. I double- and triple-check myself. I doubt myself that I know the answer… Even when I do.

Most of the time, my “trained” logic tells me this: “If this is too obvious, then it’s obviously wrong.” (This got me in trouble quite often at school and university – one of the reasons why I stopped checking my work before taking it to the teacher. Whenever I would think I answered the question wrong and changed the answer… the correction was wrong and the initial answer was correct.) So when I am tackled with questions of faith, some things are obvious after so many years of hearing about them, and you begin to wonder… are they right?


Did you ever have that? If you did, how did you get rid of the phobia?

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