[good and evil]

[good and evil]

Yet another quote from the book The Realms Thereunder that stuck out to me.

“Destroying evil is never enough – you must also be willing to build good.”

It is easy to get caught up in [what we think] righteous fight against evil.

However, (while opposing evil is a good thing) it is even easier to forget in the process to do actual good.

I often get caught in the snares of pouting against Orthodoxy. Granted, there are a lot of things that Church is doing wrong. However, simply rambling about the fact that worshiping dead people’s remains is wrong doesn’t make me any more righteous.

Back in my university days, I had a class called Business Communication. It was one of my favorite classes because the teacher was amazing (still is, and I am glad that my baby bro is now taking his classes). One of the lectures that we had was on positive feedback.

We were given 10 cases and we had to come up with ways to answer the characters of those cases in a way that was positive.

It was tough!

It was much easier to say something along the lines of “You’re an idiot and that’s why we’re firing you” or “You’ve done that wrong.” It was not easy to write “Here is something you can work on improving” (and not just write it, but MEAN it.)

There’s a saying, “If you tell someone he’s a pig 20 times, next time he might oink.”

Building good, apart from simply fighting evil, is tough, but it’s worth it.

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