[a weekend in Kyiv]

[a weekend in Kyiv]

Continuing the series of Glimpses of Ukraine, I decided to share a few more photos of my city.

I like to take pictures of odd (or simply random) stuff. I find it more fun (especially since I don’t usually have my normal camera with me and use iPhone one).

This advertising was hilarious for my RedShift University friends: it talks about quantum hair removal. I am still trying to figure out how quantum mechanics can have anything in common with body hair, but obviously according to this ad, it has everything to do with it.

The little driver. Spring has finally come to Ukraine and the snow is gone. It’s time for cars!

This is someone’s chimney. The cat is not real. Yet it looks so cute!

There is a Church (I can’t remember whether it’s Orthodox or Catholic – I think it is Orthodox, taking into account the murals on the walls) with iron-wrought ornaments.

One of the older buildings in the city. I remember the time when there were more homes like this.

Half-destroyed facade of another house in a forlorn area. I love the open window and the fact that you can see trees behind the windows.

And finally, this picture was taken yesterday morning at the bus stop next to my Church.

Yes, the lady is wearing a bathrobe and slippers. Yes, her hair is up in curlers. Yep, she has a laundry basin in her arms (and she even had clothes in that basin). I have no idea whether she lost a bet / gone mad / or it was some kind of a reality show “Smile, you’re on camera.” Either way, I was surprised to see this.

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