[photo-a-day: march 14]

[photo-a-day: march 14]

Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud, said someone.

Rainbows are not possible without rain. Rain is not possible without clouds.

Sometimes we have to take the bad with the good.

Some clouds are pretty: white and fluffy, they look almost edible. They decorate the skies.

Some are depressing: hanging low and smothering with their presence. They press the sky out.

Some are storm clouds: dark and angry, they seem to want to kill everything that crosses their path. They light up the sky.

I find that I like fluffy clouds and storm clouds. There’s a certain ominous beauty in those latter ones. They shatter the heavens with mighty thunder and bask everything in the dazzling lightning flashes.

What clouds are your favorite?

P.S. This picture below was taken from my office’s balcony. The sky is clear once again, but it was amazing to see sun rays gleaming through those curtains of condensed water. 

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