[photo-a-day: march 11]

[photo-a-day: march 11]

Lately I’ve been told how much I resemble my mom.

It’s something new for me because all my life before I was told that I look like my dad (those who actually knew him told me that).

Like Harry Potter was always told “You have your mother’s eyes” so I was always told “You have your dad’s eyes.”

And just like Harry, I have never met my dad. (Granted, he at least had a lot of pictures of his parents. I’ve got none of my father.)

Yet… As I showed the presentation to my friend Tonya, she commented “You look so much like your mom.”

And you know? That makes me happy. I’d rather resemble someone I know and love than someone who didn’t really care.

I called mom four times last night. Various reasons, but it was fun to simply chat about life.

What do you think? Do I look like my mom?

For reference (and just for pure fun), here are a few family pictures.

This was back in ’93 – when mom got back from her first trip to the US. The guy is a friend of our family.

My entire clan (yep, no men, just women). Left to right: mom, my aunt, cousin, grandma, and little me.

Same crew sans grandma.

Sisters. I find it fun to realize that I’ve got my aunt’s haircut (and almost the same hair color) – this wasn’t intended, I remembered about her haircut only recently when I saw the picture – and my mom’s features.

More recent pictures…

This one was taken in September at my step-brother’s wedding. (The older gal in purple is mom’s husband’s “aunt” – long story and the guy is best man.)

And just for the fun of it… Yep, that little brat in purple and pink coat is me. The two boys next to me are our missionaries’ sons (both of whom are towering over me these days…), the little one below is Philip, my almost-baby-brother (we are not related, but I knew him since his birth and we’ve always felt like we’re more than simply people who know each other), and the older guy is a friend from Church.

Talking about boys growing up, this is Philip now 🙂 I love that kid.

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