[20 years… wow.]

[20 years… wow.]

Yesterday we have been celebrating 20 year anniversary of the Church of the Nazarene in Ukraine.

I’ve been asked to create a presentation from pictures and videos from all this time… WOW.

It’s a privilege for me to be a part of this Church since its very beginning. My family has not been religious before that (mostly because the only official “religion” in this neck of the woods back then was good ol’ communism), but when the USSR fell apart, the doors were opened for Christ and His people.

Creating this presentation felt like compiling family photos. So many people came and went – some moved to other countries, some went to other Church families, some have gone to be with the Lord… and yet, the core still remains.

After the official celebration at Church, we got together at mom’s apartment – my mom, me, my pastor, and a family of doctors from our Church – three families who stuck together through the thick and thin. We sat around the table in a tiny kitchen and shared stories from all those years far into the evening.

Our Church’s motto is “Our Church can be your home.”

For us, this motto is more than just a nice slogan – it’s the truth.

Enjoy the presentation!

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