[photo-a-day: march challenge]

[photo-a-day: march challenge]

Yes, I admit, I haven’t been 100% faithful with February and I am late for March, but who cares? I still am going to do this challenge – because it’s fun.

So it’s March 6 and the challenge is 5:00PM.

5:00PM usually means slowing down for the day.

5:00PM more often than not means going to the office kitchen with a couple of friends of mine to have coffee or tea… or just to munch on something light and enjoy each other’s company.

5:00PM usually means thinking about getting home and plans for the evening.

Tonight 5:00PM will mean that I’ve got an hour till I get outside and go snowboarding on the hill next to my work.

What usually happens around 5:00PM where you are?

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