[God’s Incredibility]

[God’s Incredibility]

God is incredible.

I’m not saying that because I think you might have forgotten. I am saying this so we will always keep this in mind – even when we feel like our lives are boring and nothing happens. Most of the time, I discovered for myself, that time is only a preparation for something.

We had a Bible study tonight and decided to share a cab to get home. I used the online service that I usually use because it’s easy and quick.

After typing in 3 addresses, I hit submit and in seconds I got a confirmation. A gray Daewoo in 10 minutes. I glanced on that info and put away the cell phone because we were about to pray.

After the amens closed the prayer, I said “Our taxi is in 5 minutes.”

We started getting our stuff ready as well as taking the dishes to the kitchen when I got an incoming call.

“Did you really cancel the taxi?”
I stared into space wondering whether I hit a wrong button when ordering. “Um, no.”

I repeated the route and he agreed that it was what he got.

“Well, we still need a cab and we did not cancel the order.”
“Oh, okay, so wait for me. I will be there soon.”

I hung up and looked at my iPhone. New text message. “Your car has been changed.”

“Well,” I thought. “I already talked to this guy so we’ll stick with him.”

We got out as he was driving up to the house. There were 5 of us and he had a usual sedan car. We squeezed in.

He looked uncertain. “It’s going to cost you more for this amount of people.” (That is pretty standard practice in Ukraine so I wasn’t really surprised. The girls were, however.)

“How much more?”
“80” (The original price was 69)
“How about 75?” I smiled at him.

After a little discussion we ended up agreeing to 75 and off we drove. We all spoke English and the driver attempted something in English once in a while too. Sometimes there were bits and pieces of Russian instead. It was a hilarious ride.

On the way, we passed Hillsong church and Amy pointed in its direction. The driver piped in, “Yes, Hillsong is there.”

I noticed but didn’t comment.

After all the girls got out and I was the only one left in the cab (because we still had to drive to my place), he asked “Are they studying here?”

“Nope. They are actually teaching at a Christian school.”
“Wow, there is such a thing in Kyiv?! Nice. Are you a teacher too?”
“Not yet.” I grinned thinking about the possibility of teaching.
“How do you all know about Hillsong?” he then asked.
“We’ve been there.”
“I recently started going there too! Became a Christian recently.”

I didn’t believe my ears at first. But as we rode, we talked about God and churches and how He works in lives of people. It was amazing. It was an easy conversation and there was this bond one feels towards brothers and sisters in Christ.

I invited him to visit our Church sometime. Hopefully he’ll come. It will be fun.

Isn’t our God incredible?

P.S. When I looked at my phone when I got home, I had two messages that my car has been changed (a Volkswagen and a Toyota) and then a message that my order was cancelled altogether.

I wonder what would have happened if I saw the text messages before talking to the driver (Sergey) and before telling him that we will wait for him.

Probably would’ve been a missed opportunity.

Who knows what this will lead to?

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