[small dreams coming true]

[small dreams coming true]

The other day I went to the mall next to me to get groceries (yes, there’s a grocery store inside a mall…) and on my way there, I passed a sight: little kids were sitting around the tiny (tiny for me, anyway) tables and two young adult girls were dressed in animals’ costumes and were doing crafts with kids.

I walked past and thought, “This is what I would love to do. Even wearing that costume in public… There’s something fun about it. Makes a statement.”

I walked past and forgot about it.

This morning while showering I remembered that experience and laughed.

The reason I laughed?

Because once again I was reminded of how God takes care even of our little dreams and wishes.

No, He ain’t no Santa and it would be quite boring if He would only do what we ask Him (boring and scary – because sometimes we ask stuff that would hurt other people.)

But He’s a loving Dad who loves seeing His kids grin.

Yesterday a guy from work approached me.

“You have any plans for tomorrow morning?”

“Sleep in, since it’s Saturday. You had other ideas?”

“Oh… Umm… Perhaps you would like to help us with the Maslyana* celebration? You know, you can deal with kids, you know how to engage them…”


This is where the event took place - it's a national style Ukrainian restaurant downtown.

So today I got to play with kiddos. Some drew pictures, some made origami, some played with modeling clay. Some were content to simply watch TV 🙂

I mostly got to help with modeling clay.

Since we were watching Kung Fu Panda, one little guy, when I asked him what he’d like to make out of the clay, said “Panda.”

So we made a panda.

My friend made an amazing puppy:

And I made a little rose (and forgot it there… bummer.)

It was great.

*Maslyana – it’s a ex-pagan (I think, like most of the holidays over here, it has acquired some Christian background over the centuries) holiday dedicated to winter leaving and spring coming. “Maslo” is butter in Ukrainian / Russian and usually butter was used to put on pancakes (among other things) – so this is a holiday of pancakes.
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