[happy men’s day]

[happy men’s day]

Yes. You have read it correctly.

We don’t really celebrate Mother’s or Father’s day here in CIS. It is starting to appear, but it’s not one of the old holidays.

Instead, we have Women’s Day on March 8 and the Day of Motherland Protector on February 23.

Since not a lot of guys here serve their term in the army, the holiday that praised the soldiers has transformed into Men’s Day.

At least that’s how I see it. There are a lot of debates whether it’s a holiday or not. My reasoning is that if there’s an official Women’s Day (seriously – it’s even a day off for almost everyone), there should be a Men’s Day. (As you can tell, I am not a feminist.)

We have been preparing for this day for a couple of weeks at work. When I just joined the Chamber, there were just three guys. Now we have 11.

We have thought for a long time what to get for them (e-mails are not really convenient when you have 27 people in TO: field, but in the open-space office it’s hard for all girls to get up and leave to a meeting…) and finally agreed to get them personalized beer mugs.

Once the official present was selected, we decided that there should be something funny to go with it.

Considering that I’ve spent a considerable part of my nights in last summer’s camp making videos & presentations, I offered to make a video.

Some, more outgoing, girls agreed. Some complained that they don’t look good enough for a video. Some were scared that they won’t know what to say. Since I really wanted to do this (videos are fun to watch a couple of years after the event and remember the fun), we came up with the idea of papers with words.

All day yesterday we were “filming” trying to hide from our guys who were unusually active and walked everywhere where we didn’t need them. Then, after I came home from a birthday party, I sat in front of Jacy Jr. and two hours later, this was born. In the morning, we’ve sent a link to everyone inviting to a celebration later in the day and also to show them the video.

Although you are not technically Chamber men, this is dedicated to all the guys who read my blog 🙂 Thank you for being awesome and supportive and funny and just the way you are.

Happy Men’s Day!

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