[photo-a-day: february 18]

[photo-a-day: february 18]

One of my favorite drinks is a cocktail called mojito.

The very first time I tried it was at the Chamber – I think we had an event or something where mojitos were served.

The combination of ice, lime, brown sugar, and 7-UP is amazing.

My mom also likes it so whenever we go out to eat, we usually end up with same cocktails.

Otherwise, I like to drink coffee / [hot] tea / Coke / juice.

What’s your favorite drink?

  • Bekah Strangarity

    ah!!! they are my favorite too!!

    • If we’ll ever meet in real life, we should go out and get some! 🙂

  • Coffee, definitely. I also have an affinity for milk and apple juice. Also, I love Pepsi, but I’m not drinking soda this year, so I try not to think about it too often.

    • You’re not having soda for a YEAR? Wow… I am not sure I’d be able to do that. 

      Coffee is great and I sometimes wish I could drink milk – but usually I can drink all kinds of dairy products except for milk (unless it’s in coffee / tea)… 

      Do you like apple juice with cinnamon and ginger?

      • Apple juice with cinnamon and ginger…? Hmmm… Gonna have to try that one!

        • It’s great for cold days – tastes like apple cider. Get a cup of apple juice, add cinnamon and a tiny bit of ginger, and heat it up. Tastes WONDERFUL.

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