[photo-a-day: february 13]

[photo-a-day: february 13]

I have a friend.

Back when I was a kid (he’s my mom’s age), we had a tradition. Every time he would visit Kyiv (or I would be in Moscow), he would get me a Kinder Surprise egg.

My mom and grandma didn’t buy these for me often (they were expensive), so it was a treat every time.

When I started working at the Chamber, I started buying those for myself.

I know it’s a kids’ thing, yet I like Happy Meals, space-shaped macaroni, and Kinder Surprise eggs.

So for the “BLUE” photo challenge, here’s a Blu from the movie Rio.

Do you like Happy Meals and other fun silly food stuff?

  • Happy meals say “McDonalds.”  the answer is a definite NO.  Anything that says Micky D’s is a no.   Can you tell I don’t care for McDs?  🙂 

    • You just haven’t been to a normal McD’s in Ukraine 🙂 They are better here than in the States (true story!)

      Do you care for Subway sandwiches?

      • McD’s in Taiwan was MUCH better than in the US as well. And wayyyyyyyyyyyy cheaper.

        • 🙂 See, Bill? It’s not THAT bad 😀 

          (But still, Ukrainian one is better… btw, one of the McD’s in Kyiv – close to where I work – is second by popularity in the world… The first one is in Moscow, Russia)

      •  now that my braces are off i am much more apt to eat at Subway than i was before.  It was a real pain to eat there before.  🙂

        • I can only imagine… Never had braces, but a few of my friends did (and do)… 


    Sorry, you just got me a little riled up with this one. They’re illegal to sell in the US, though, so I’ve only had a few in my occasional overseas traveling. 

    • LOL 🙂

      Kinder eggs are ILLEGAL in the US? WHA?! I feel sorry for the US kids… 

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