[stepping of a cliff…]

[stepping of a cliff…]

I did it.

I did something I should’ve done a long time ago.

I apologized.

Granted, it was through a text message.

It still cost me a lot (not in the money sense.)

It cost me my pride.

It cost me my self-righteousness.

It cost me my safe comfortable life.

Hitting “Send” for that text message was like stepping off a cliff.

And you don’t know what’s beyond that cliff – will you plummet towards the valley below or will you find solid ground beneath your feet?

I have no idea what the result will be.

I made the first step and raised my hands up in surrender.

Will it be accepted or rejected… I don’t know.

All I know is I could no longer pray “…and forgive us our sins like we forgive those who sin against us” and mean it.

And I wanted to mean it.

I am tired of living with this burden hanging like a millstone around my neck.

It was scary… yet it was freeing too. 

My part is done. What will the other party say?

Have you ever done something like this? I mean, when you have absolutely no idea what will the other side do? How did it go? Any advice you care to share?

  • Joanne Norton

    Last year the Lord laid it on me to apologize to someone, a spiritual warfare, intercession leader.  We had worked together at one time, she leading me, and then somehow things changed.  And I resented being set aside and my heart grew cold towards her, even though we were still in the same spiritual zone some of the time.  It took me a few days to write the letter the way I needed to cover everything.  She lives here in town, but I knew mailing it to her with a nice card would be the best way to cover it all.  While she read it, there would be no interruption that would keep it set aside, such as if I had phoned her.  Well, I don’t know what she thought; she hasn’t said.  But she smiles a bit more often and I’m soft-hearted towards her.  Nothing else counts.  This ain’t the only time in all these years that I haven’t had to deal with this type of situation.  I’m hoping  it will become a rare incident… maybe by the time I go to Heaven there won’t be junk on my path behind me.  It’s a blessing that you stepped up to that need and did it.  

    • Glad that the relationship is better between you two now. Thanks for sharing, Joanne.

  • My only experience with this has been generally negative. But I think, regardless of the end result, we’re supposed to do it.

    • Yeah… there’a quote from Jesus movie (from ’99) where Jesus just called Matthew the tax collector to follow Him and Peter questioned Jesus about the wisdom of this decision. 

      P: “But he’s the enemy.”
      J: “If the man is your enemy, show him love. You are a strong man, Peter. Are you strong enough to love?”
      I guess that’s what it boils down to. Are we strong enough to love?

  • And I am so proud of you lil sis!  God will bring good fruit out of this.  Love ya!

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