[photo-a-day challenge]

[photo-a-day challenge]

Found this challenge on Pinterest today.

I know I am a week late for February, so the first seven pictures will be in one post – all pictures are mine.

Anyone wants to join the fun?

Here’s the full list:

February 1: Your View Today

Little Rose is almost 2 years old. My admin manager gave her to me for Women’s Day and she was tiny. Now she’s a beautiful blooming rose.

February 2: Words

The books I’ve got a couple of weeks ago. I was so giddy with delight when I bought them. (The bottom one was brought by a friend from the States, the other two I actually got here in Kyiv.)

February 3: Hands

I was cleaning 🙂

February 4: A Stranger

Obviously there was some problem with A/C at our office, so there was some strange guy (or 3/4 of a guy) 🙂

February 5: 10 AM

Right before the weekly staff meeting.

February 6: Dinner

Mmmmm… yum yum yum.

February 7: Button

Yes, well, that’s it. It’s just a button on the shirt I’m wearing today.

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