[a bumper fish and other musings]

[a bumper fish and other musings]

Last Friday, as we were making our way back home through the terribly cold snowy weather after a long and frustrating day, another car cut in front of us (after driving on the wrong side of the road) and stopped. As an older woman got out from the driver’s seat and walked towards our car, I glimpsed a 2-year-old who wasn’t even strapped in the kid seat.

The lady knocked on the window and started yelling something about us cutting in front of her daughter (as we later figured out, it was another gal who broke the rules and got off the reverse lane where it was prohibited). Being tired and just wanting to get home without a fight, my friend who was driving tried talking to the lady calmly. The lady was relentless – she was trying to make her point, warning us that her son in law works for the Ukrainian version of FBI. These kinds of threats are often just a way of throwing weight around (after all, her son in law might be some secretary or something), so we didn’t pay attention to it.

“Just, go with God. Please, leave.”

“You shouldn’t mention God’s name in vain,” replied the lady and proceeded telling us that we are terrible and we cut in front of her when she’s got three kids and four grandkids.

After that latest admonition about mentioning God’s name in vain, I gave up silence. “Lady, listen to yourself. You should watch where you’re going and there’s a kid in your car who is not strapped in and you were DRIVING ON THE OPPOSITE LANE! Which one of us is more reckless and breaks rules?”

She tried to threaten us for a few more minutes and finally left. We wrote down her plate number because my friend’s got connections at the same institution that the lady’s son in law supposedly works and drove home without any other adventures.

The situation, however, was stuck in my mind.

I wonder if the lady went to Church on Sunday. She certainly knew about the part when you cannot mention God’s name in vain.

Is that all she knows about Him?

This made me think… Peter Pollock talked about online presence and whether it shows our real selves. However… what are our real selves? 

Do I say I believe in God and I believe God on my blog yet deny that in my everyday life?

Do I put a ICHTHUS fish on my backpack and pretend that I am a Christian, yet when something goes wrong, I forget about that symbol of the One to whom I belong?

I hope (and I try to do my best) to be the kind of person God wants me to be.

Yeah, I fail quite often, I’ll admit that. I am far from being perfect. But I don’t want that to be a norm.

I am not the only observer on the block – everyone is watching everyone. And when they know we’re God’s representatives, we should watch ourselves too.

Investigate my life, O God, find out everything about me;

Cross-examine and test me, get a clear picture of what I’m about;

See for yourself whether I’ve done anything wrong – then guide me on the road to eternal life. 

Psalm 139:23-24, MSG

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