[what if…?]

[what if…?]

What if you woke up tomorrow with just the things you thanked God for?

My pastor asked that question yesterday at the morning service and although I’ve read it before, it got stuck in my mind. Then our youth pastor used the same question later in the day, asking every single person who was at the youth group what they would have.

Most people would have food. Not much else. One guy laughed because he said that he was thanking God for problems in life…

I forget to be thankful for so many things. Last week I’ve read a bunch of lists talking about “first-world problems” and while I admit that Ukraine is far from being a first-world country (we’re second or even third – depends on the part of Ukraine), I am doing quite well.

The problem is – I often simply don’t know what I have (or that I have something that is not that accessible to other people).

When my youth pastor asked that question, my first answer was “I’ll have hot water.” Every year, in summer, the hot water is turned off for about a month in Kyiv for pipe maintenance stuff. I hate that month – I love showering and I love soaking in hot water. Thankfully, since it’s summer, by the end of the month, I can easily shower in cold water. Yet when the hot water comes back, it’s a holiday for me. So a few years ago, I somehow ended up with a habit of thanking God for hot water every time I walk into the bathroom. It’s an odd prayer, but I really am thankful for hot water.

Some time ago, I’ve read an advice that I used to adhere to every single night. It’s not as often these days, but I still try.

When you want to fall asleep, don’t count sheep. Count all the blessings that you’ve got today.

I still haven’t counted them all – and there are more and more coming every single day!

I am thankful for… [In no particular order] Friends, family, work, food, hot water, my apartment, my cat, sunshiny weather, snow, His patience, His love and mercy, grace, the fact that soon it will be Spring, my Church, coffee, times of laughter, washing machine, snowboarding, bananas, computer, internet, wi-fi, Facebook, blogging friends, random hugs, my plants, my boss, the fact that I can read and write in three languages, His sense of humor, Dean Koontz, Ted Dekker, Darien the Angel, Jesus, Peter, Paul, Thomas, the fact that I can breathe on my own, walk, run, laugh, see, taste food, hear music, feel the softness of my cat’s fur and her scratchy tongue… Warmth of my apartment, the quietness right now, clothes, books that teach, books that entertain, books that remind about tough stuff, Bible which includes all those previous categories, stars that share their millions-years-old light with me, Big Bang theory, quantum physics, antimatter. I am thankful that God is here. I am thankful that He created this world the way He wanted it to be. I am thankful that I live.

What are you thankful for?

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