[well… yeah.]

[well… yeah.]

I succumbed to the pleas of my friend Tonya and agreed to go snowboarding.

The only reason why I decided to go was that I knew that if my friends (our RedShift group) go and I won’t go, they will swap stories at our meetings and I will sit listening. Granted, I love to listen, but I like to be a listener who understands what’s going on. So, thinking “At least I’ll have something to write about,” I agreed.

To be honest, I was afraid. I’ve never been to a hospital (I mean, when I was the sick one… I did visit my family and friends) and the appeal of breaking something didn’t sound all that alluring to me. Also, my main beef against half of the sports is that in a lot of them (like ice-skating or rollerblading or skiing), I have no idea how to brake. And that is scary – when you have no idea yet what you’re doing, you gain speed…and then look for someone big and strong to smash into. *Sigh* I also don’t like winter and cold.

Well… it seems like when we protest too much, God decides to take everything into His hands.

I didn’t like snowboarding.


Granted, I’ve got a few bruises on my knees and one on my behind. Granted, my body is sore. And yet I cannot wait till next weekend when we’ll (hopefully) go snowboarding again with our RedShift guys.

Seemed like everything we planned was not going to happen the way we planned it. We agreed to meet at 12PM and go get the boards, yet we got out of my friend’s place only at 2PM. By 3PM we had our boards and boots. Sometime soon after we finally got out on the snow and climbed the hill. The weather was perfect – sunshiny and -12C (about 10F).

I had absolutely no experience in snowboarding. But I had long-suffering friends who were willing to give me time to learn and who also were good teachers. Fedya, our unofficial RedShift leader and the pro on snowboard, literally held my hands through the first couple of times when I rode. Surprisingly, he also managed to make theory easily transferable into practice. I was falling asleep last night and still thinking “You’ve got to turn the board at 45 degrees, then put the weight on your front leg, bringing your back leg further behind you, and swing your arms to help your body…” 😀

The lesson I’ve learned (one of a few) was that sometimes often I am afraid of things I’ve never done in my life because I had previous experience with something similar… which at times isn’t similar at all. 

Did you ever have something like that in your life? A time when you were afraid to do something just because the past hurts prevented you from trying?

P.S. Here’s a short video of me snowboarding (granted, I was still learning the ropes back then. I did learn a lot in those 5 hours – more than I expected. Like I said, I had good teachers with seemingly LOADS of patience. I love my friends!) I am the one in a white parka. (The last phrase of my friend was “Don’t kill me!”… and for the record, I didn’t. I did learn how to turn by then.)

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