[the power of prayer]

[the power of prayer]

There’s a question that is familiar to all Facebook users (other people too, but FB users see it all the time).

What’s on your mind?

As I got online in the evening, having brought my Jacy Jr. laptop home from a friend who repaired it, that question popped out to me.

What is on my mind?

The question was easy to answer today. Whenever I have to do something repetitious and mundane at work, I watch TV shows or movies on my second monitor. The show of choice today was ER – season 10, episode 2.

Sometimes, when you are tired of your own problems, you need to go somewhere where you’ll have to take care of someone else’s problems and where you’ll simply not have time for your own problems. Such, it seems, was the philosophy of Dr. Luka Kovac, a Croatian, who went to Africa with Doctors without Borders program. Considering the area they were in was in a war, it was only a matter of time before the doctors along with the natives were captured.

Luka lost his faith a long time ago – on the day when his wife and two kids died in a bombing during the Croatian War of Independence. There were a few times when he was asked about his faith,  yet disappointment with God was still there. “I couldn’t believe in God who would allow such cruel thing to happen. You can’t really see Holy Spirit on a day like today,” he told one of his friends in Congo, as they knelt, their hands tied above their heads, waiting for the soldiers to kill them.

…One by one, everyone was killed… except Luka. He was the last one remaining. As he looked around, he straightened despite the malaria fever… and prayed.

My eyes and attention were still focused on the database I was working on, listening to ER in the background. Suddenly, I was glued to the other monitor, ears hearing only the familiar words.

… I knew that Croatian language sounds similar to Russian, yet when I heard Luka’s prayer… it was as if he was speaking my language.

It was the Lord’s prayer. 

Right there, in the middle of war, when all friends were killed and he was next… Luka found his faith again.

And because a few days before this, he was given a small silver cross necklace by a lady from the village where he was one of the doctors, the soldiers thought he was a priest and didn’t kill him.

Instead, they knelt next to him and prayed along with him. 

I still had a lot of stuff to do, but I stopped, cut the part out from the episode, and uploaded it to YouTube. It was one of those “must-see” and “must-share” moments.

I like the last phrase Luka says, after the soldiers joined him: “Heavenly Father, let Your will be done.”

I don’t know about you, but I keep watching and watching it.

Prayer. A powerful thing.

Faith. Even more powerful.

God. Almighty.

  • Joanne Norton

    I’ve never watched ER… rarely watch anything any more as the programs can be too controversial, bad language, affairs, etc…. but I did listen to this Youtube and could see a heart being overwhelmed by the Lord.  I hope that the actor’s heart was touched by his dialogue and the seed planted will bring him to the Lord.  Never know where seed will come from in our lives.  

    Good post; good viewpoint.

    • I love ER… I don’t watch much TV either these days, mostly documentaries or TV shows like ER or House or How I Met Your Mother… 

      Yes – I don’t believe you can really act like you’re praying without feeling anything. It brings a lot of things to mind, even if you “pretend” to pray…

  • Your last comments are so well put Zee:  Prayer.  Faith. God.  You “done” good. 🙂  ‘course since i am preaching on prayer, this post is right up my alley.  Thanks lil sis. 

    • 🙂 Thanks, Bill. Your posts often brought prayer to mind these past few weeks. 

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