[dreams and meanings]

[dreams and meanings]

When you dream, do people speak in your dreams?

When you dream, do you remember what was said?

When you wake up, do dream conversations make sense?

My answers to those questions:

  • Yes. (In different languages too… Today the dream was in English… I think.)
  • Sometimes.
  • Today it sort of did.

I have no idea by now what the dream was about. There were a few in the last 40 minutes of fitful sleep between hitting the snooze button on my iPod and getting rid of my cat who persisted in wanting to brush my hair (she does it gently, but you wake up anyway).

The last phrase of the last dream, however, was stuck in my head when I finally crawled out of bed and into the shower.

It was stuck because it was oddly wise.

“You cannot know the power of your whip until you tried it on yourself.”

Like I said before, I have no idea what the dream was about – although I know it wasn’t Middle Ages or wild wild west.

It’s a true saying. It makes sense. I think…

Did you ever have dreams that stayed in your mind for a really long time in your mind, begging you to solve their puzzle?

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