[dreams and meanings]

[dreams and meanings]

When you dream, do people speak in your dreams?

When you dream, do you remember what was said?

When you wake up, do dream conversations make sense?

My answers to those questions:

  • Yes. (In different languages too… Today the dream was in English… I think.)
  • Sometimes.
  • Today it sort of did.

I have no idea by now what the dream was about. There were a few in the last 40 minutes of fitful sleep between hitting the snooze button on my iPod and getting rid of my cat who persisted in wanting to brush my hair (she does it gently, but you wake up anyway).

The last phrase of the last dream, however, was stuck in my head when I finally crawled out of bed and into the shower.

It was stuck because it was oddly wise.

“You cannot know the power of your whip until you tried it on yourself.”

Like I said before, I have no idea what the dream was about – although I know it wasn’t Middle Ages or wild wild west.

It’s a true saying. It makes sense. I think…

Did you ever have dreams that stayed in your mind for a really long time in your mind, begging you to solve their puzzle?

  • Sounds like something from Harry Potter or that satanic guy…Lewis. LOL. Just kidding lil sis. I can hardly remember what happens when I am awake let alone while sleeping. Sometimes I have wished for guidance in a dream. But when I wake up, I can hardly remember anything. Maybe that is good. 🙂

    • 😛 There were no whips in either Potter or Lewis… (well, maybe in Lewis… that White Witch was evil)… To me that sounded more like LoTR… but then, you haven’t read it 😛

      Dreams can be fun. I like my dreams because I often fly (and I love flying… granted, in real life that’s only possible within the airplane… but I love flying). Guidance? I guess sometimes it can work that way too – although I am not into trying to see guidance in every dream I remember. I believe those guidance dreams are rare (which makes them so cool when they do happen).

  • I have lots of dreams, very active and filled with people, lots of discussions.

    However, several times the Lord has given me a dream for a reason. Some people don’t agree with this, but He truly has. I posted about a couple of them, one especially is funny in His nailing my personality issues. Changed my direction, believe me.

    I used to have a lot of nightmares. Doesn’t happen very often now.

    Hope you are blessed in yours and wake up with lots of smiles on your face and heart.

    • Cool – it’s fun when dreams are filled with interesting conversations and people.

      I can’t think of the time when I had a nightmare… It was a long time ago, but usually they are connected with deaths of my loved ones. Granted, when I die or when someone who’s really dead comes back in a dream, those dreams are quite interesting and in the latter case, pleasant. My grandma (who died over 9 years ago) visits my dreams every so often and when I look at her in surprise and ask “So… uh… I thought you were…” she grins and says “I got bored there, so I came for a visit.” And we hang out together…until the dream ends.

      • Your Grandma just made me laugh. Our personalities are similar… I get bored so easily!!!

        • Yeah, she was quite a gal. I so wish I could spend more time with her these days, when I am older. I grew up with her (and mom), so we had a great relationship. Therefore whenever I get to see her, even if it’s only in a dream now that she’s gone, it’s amazing.

  • For some reason I keep having dreams that my teeth are falling out :/

    • I’ve had those… It’s incredibly wonderful to wake up from those dreams and realize that it was only a dream… 🙂

      • Guest

        haha.. so true. It’s a lovely feeling to wake in the morning and find that all of your teeth are still firmly in place.

      • Guest

        haha.. so true. It’s a lovely feeling to wake in the morning and find that all of your teeth are still firmly in place.

      • Guest

        haha.. so true. It’s a lovely feeling to wake in the morning and find that all of your teeth are still firmly in place.

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