[stories to tell]

[stories to tell]

I had the best New Year celebration this year.

I haven’t truly enjoyed holidays in a few years (for many reasons) and just before Christmas this year, I was downright depressed.

My plans for New Year have failed – and I was planning on drinking Earl Grey tea, eating a couple of sandwiches, and going to bed early on December 31.

Then my friends intervened, creating a whole new plan.

So many questions were solved in the last minute (since half of the team was busy at work and I had no idea what they have planned already) – what to do, where to go, how to celebrate, what to cook…

It was the best New Year in many years.

It was a time of laughter until we couldn’t laugh anymore. It was a time of pure fellowship. It was a time when we proved that you don’t need alcohol to have tons of fun. And it was one of those times when you have stories to tell afterwards.

One of the things we planned on doing was to take the camera with a long exposure option and draw something with sparklers. It was agreed to write “2012.”

“I am a 2,” I said.

“Okay, I am a 1,” said another girl.

The two other friends divided the 2 and 0.

Camera was taken out, exposure set, and we started writing our respective letters.

Boy, were we in for a surprise!


The girl who said she’d be 1, forgot about it. The guy who was drawing second 2 was too lazy to bring the sparkler all the way back…

Oh, we laughed.

I looked at my friends as we were all clutching our tummies in histerical laughter and once again thanked God for our RedShift University group. It is these moments, these silly blunders that make a great story to tell.

We did write 2012 after that… and we laughed some more, shared food, teased each other, and yelled for New Year.

There is a Russian proverb that says “The way you meet New Year is the way you’ll spend it.”

I am really looking forward to more great life moments shared with my friends.

And I suspect that most of my readers here won’t be able to understand most of the words spoken in the video, but the laughter is a universal language.

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