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I am Zee. I call myself the Observer because that's what I find myself doing most of the time - observe life and people around me. My blog is a Pensieve, similar to that of Dumbledore, used to keep the thoughts and random ideas that visit my brain.

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  • When I had first come to the Lord, I still had non-Christian friends. I went to the bar(s) with them, hung out, just didn’t drink. It wasn’t very long and they started avoiding me b/c I didn’t fit into their lives any more. I was still a tough cookie, did some really sinful things still attached to my lifestyle, but did lose my friends. Slowly gained Christian friends.

    Today, to be honest, except for a few long-time email friends and acquaintances, I don’t have non-Christian “Friends”. We can be surface acquaintances, but in-depth friends. I can be a servant of the Lord and love and care for people, no matter what they do or don’t believe, but I can’t pour my heart out to them.

    Now, do I ever still cuss? Yes, unfortunately. At least, usually, no one hears it except the Lord when I holler at my computer, for instance. But even then I usually ask forgiveness immediately. To do what you described re: the author and the band… not OK.

    Your situation is a very honest and in some ways quite difficult. But our dear Father is the only One upon Whom we can rely. If He could change me and my lifestyle and my surroundings, He can change anything for anyone. In the long run, YOU will be the blessing and the seed planter and the harvester.

    • I guess since my journey was a different one – being almost literally raised in Church (my mom’s a pastor) since I was 6 years old, for the longest time I had no non-Christian friends. And that bothered me because how can I help others find God when everyone I know already knows Him? That changed in the university which, although called Christian, had only about 10-15% of Christians there. So I met a gal with whom we soon became best friends (still are, 8 years later) – and she’s not a Christian. Also, along the way, I met with other people and most of people at work are not Christians either – and I have a lot of close friends at work. The sad part is that I feel more at home sometimes around my non-Christian friends than with those who know God. At the same time, I am blessed with a group of honest Christian friends with whom I feel I can discuss anything and they will still love me the way I am.

      He can change anything for anyone – amen to that! As I was writing this post, a verse from Galatians 1:24 kept popping into my mind – “And they praised God because of me.” I want to be able to say the same πŸ™‚

      Thanks, Joanne!

  • Realized I missed a word — 2nd paragraph: … We can be surface acquaintances, but NOT in-depth friends.

  • Well lil sis. You nailed it. You have probably seen how I have written about such things. I reject the whole idea of compromising in order to be accepted. Pastors won’t preach the Truth, but will talk about God’s love and grace (which I believe in) but won’t mention judgment and consequences for sin. Or they give that mamby-pamby Joel Osteen garbage of “everything will be fine if you tell yourself it will.” UGH! Pastors swearing from the pulpit or in conversation? Gotta wonder what God thinks about all that after He has told us to be pure and “whatever you say or do, do it all to the glory of God.” You have stated the “hard way” to live. it might be time for Christ-followers to get with the program. Well done Zee.

    • Compromise is alluring yet deadly dangerous. And I had enough of it at the university where my Bible teacher talked about the fact that the Devil doesn’t exist, that all the life is supposed to be is love and happiness, that it’s our goal to live in the moment, creating our own realities (just like you said “everything will be fine if you tell yourself it will” stuff)…

      Thanks big brother πŸ™‚

  • Mary

    What matters is content, not form. Forms differ, for example Zee and Mary are different in form in all sorts of ways. On a larger scale, there are many different religions in the world. Ultimately, the content of all the great religions is love. If love is in our minds and hearts our behavior towards other people will be shaped by this content. This covers all situations and circumstances. We don’t have to work it out ahead of time. What we do have to work on is getting our own blocks out of the way so the love of God can flow through us. If we are fully present to someone they will feel this and know this, and what we say and do will be right for that situation. In another situation the content of love might be expressed quite differently.

    This content of love is the key. The forms may differ but the underlying content reveals the unity of all things which is the ultimate truth revealed in true religion. We are not different, we are One.

    • Love is the key for sure πŸ™‚

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