[favorite posts of 2011]

[favorite posts of 2011]

A year has passed.

There was good, there was odd, there was joyful, there was bad.

But it was another year I lived while there were so many who didn’t have any more time.

So I am thankful.

I’ve made new friends, I’ve read a bunch of books, I learned a lot.

As I was browsing what I’ve written this year, there were few posts that I truly enjoyed writing.

In January, I wrote a series on Les Miserables – one of my top favorite classics by incredible Victor Hugo. Trying to look into every character, I searched for the lessons to learn from each of their lives.

In March, there was a post on Weight-Lifting with God – where I talked about the evolution of our faith, the process of maturing, and often dealing with situations we think are way too tough for us. Another March post was on realization of what a story from Mark 11 really meant – the story of a fig tree.

In April, I finally wrote what my story of coming to God was like. It was a good exercise for me to see where God has brought me.

May was a truly turbulent month, a life-changing month. And it was then when I was especially thankful for my blog and the ability to write. Of all the posts that month, two were my favorite (for various reasons): I’m a mammoth, not a possum and the cross to bear.

First month of summer flew by as we were busy at work preparing for the Fourth of July Picnic and I was glad for the distraction of work because my dream of donating blood shattered (and I am not sure whether it will ever become true.)

In July, there was the post on differences in translation of a song “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever” and goofy family stories about mom and I trying to surprise grandma with our cooking (I should’ve entitled that post “EPIC FAIL”) 🙂

Seems like August was my most fruitful month in regards to posts that contained life lessons: tough questions from my kids; lessons to be learned from hot tea in a sweltering train; milk / sugar discombobulation and analogy with life roles; a reminder about God’s strength (and that we don’t have to do stuff alone); and musings on how a tube of Carmex resembles our team in a camp.

September brought a tribute to my grandma and a post called “Unexpected.”

In October there were innocent yet deep kids’ questions, Christianity described by a Venn Diagram, and thoughts on air masks in the plane and their correlation to Matthew 7.

A friend of mine shared  about a technique for babies born before their due date called Kangaroo Method in November.

What was one post (or several) you’ve read or wrote this year that had a great impact on you? (Whether from your own blog or from someone else’s)

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