[an ode to my cat]

[an ode to my cat]

Random, I know. I also know that some don’t like cats – well, sorry – I do.

Looking into her eyes, I can’t help but share all she means to me.

I’ve spent more time of my life with this furry monster than without her. I am almost 26, she will be 18 this summer. Yes, 18.

I got her when I was 8 years old. My grandma, my best childhood friend, and I went to buy food for the parakeet we had at that time. After getting the grain, I talked grandma to go “just look at kitties and doggies.” She agreed, since that was sort of our tradition.

We walked around, ooh-ing and aah-ing here and there…

And then I saw her. 

Scratch that, I saw those two blue eyes that looked at the world with a look Puss in Boots from Shrek had.

I couldn’t walk by. I simply couldn’t.

I looked at my grandma. She shook her head. I continued the silent plea. She gave in.

“How much do you want for that kitten?”

“15 UAH.”

Even back then, it was not a whole lot, but you certainly could buy more than now for that amount. However, grandma didn’t plan on buying anything else and she didn’t take a lot of money with her.

And she didn’t have 15 UAH.

My world was about to crumble. I looked into those blue eyes of the kitten, the kitten looked back.

“How much do you have?” The lady selling the kitten asked.

Grandma literally took all the money that were in her wallet – 7.40UAH.

“That’s all I’ve got.”


And with that, I took the little soft body into my hands. The poor baby was so scared that she crawled on my shoulder and hid beneath my hair (thankfully it was long back then).

When mom came home, grandma and I shared a look and braced ourselves. “We got a toy… A live one.”

Mom smiled, “For some reason, I had a feeling that something like that would happen today. Well, good.”

With that, Liz became the part of our women’s clan.

These days, almost 18 years later, I thank God every single day for my fluffy companion. Her face is right there in front of me when I wake up, looking at me and telling me that it’s time for breakfast. Her warmth makes me feel cozy during long winter evenings. Her smiles make me want to smile too, no matter what happened just before. Her energy inspires me.

I love my cat.

And while I know that no one is forever, I still will thank God for every moment He gave me with this baby.

  • I’ve been thinking of having another cat. It’s been quite a few years since having one… I have traveled so much I didn’t want to force my husband to take care of one while I was gone. And NOW the vet costs and legal requirements are way to expensive. Sometimes lately when my health has been challenging, I’ve wanted a cat that would love me. Sometimes I just visit someone who has a cat so I can pet and enjoy it. So happy for you. After so long it’s almost like having a family member. Great photos.

    • She became a family member a long time ago – she and I have way too many things in common (behavior as well as some looks and actions) – guess that’s what you get from spending our lives together.

      But yes – cats are amazing. Their personality is incredible.

      What breed of a cat you had before?

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