My life… my life has been… quite blah lately. By saying it has been blah, I by no means want to say that there was nothing going on.

When I stop and think about it, there were many things that took place.

Last night I was at the Notre Dame de Paris with the original Paris cast performing (Garou and the others). It was one of their last performances as the group, so I decided that I really want to go. I invited my mom, so it was our pre-Christmas celebration. We had good time. Any time with my mom is good time.

Also, I had the annual evaluation yesterday. Somehow, I ended up with a good KPI (Key Performance Indicators) picture, so I even got a bonus.

Our Friday study group finally moved from discussing random topics toward studying Bible. It is a blessing to be a part of this group and watch it develop.

Many other things…

Yet, I was watching my baby rose today (well, no longer a baby, she will be 2 years in March) and I thought that I often resemble her. My life resembles that rose. 

My admin manager gave it to me as  a present for a Women’s Day (which is celebrated in CIS on March 8). It was tiny. It was probably about 3 inches tall, yet it had flowers on it. After some time, the flowers faded, but I decided to move that tiny plant into a bigger pot. The rose liked it and grew.

It grew to be quite big – so big that I had to get some cocktail sticks to hold up the branches. Flowers appeared every once in a while.

Then the leaves at the foundation started turning yellow and falling off. I didn’t mind it at first, but then I realized that I only have a few leaves on the tips and the entire rose looked like a weird version of a palm tree – long bare branches with a few leaves at the ends.

After considering this, I decided to trim my rose. So I cut off the long branches and the rose was once again small – bare branches about 4 inches in length.

For a few days, the rose simply remained in that pathetic condition: bare sticks sticking out of the ground, with one leaf still remaining at the base.

Today I looked at it and realized something.

The sticks are no longer bare. There are about 5 or so new shoots at the foundation.

Still reddish in color, the new baby leaves are appearing on my barren rose.

Back to my life… 

I think right now, my life is at the point where my branches are long and barren, with only a few leaves at the ends.

It scares me because I don’t want my branches to be trimmed. I am intimidated by the thought that there would be a time of complete outside barrenness.

It gives me hope, however, that no matter what will take place, I will be able to grow again. There will be new baby branches starting.

I’ve got roots. I’ve got my big pot – bigger than I need. I’ve got water.

I just need to take that leap of faith and allow my branches to be trimmed.

It’s a big leap of faith.

*Bracing myself…*

  • Mary

    As you gently care for your rose He will care for you. Only things that are no longer of value to you will seem to be taken away. He will keep gentle pace with you. Be of good cheer.

    • 🙂 Thanks, Mary. He *is* faithful and caring. I guess I need to work on the trust issues. Or control issues, which is more urgent.

  • Every once in a while, when I feel BLAH and BORED, I have to remember what past history would have been like. When pioneers moved into our western portion of our nation, and spent most of the time doing basic house and farm/ranch work, seeing other people maybe once a week, and, during winter, maybe once a month, and having to raise children all alone. Yet, many of them walked with the Lord, read only the Bible, or couldn’t read at all, but knew the truth. We need to be more patient when we recall what life would have been like about 100 years ago in major portions of our world. [And, let me tell you, with my personality, I’ve often wondered how I could have ever have made that life style…. but I’m alive NOW and that sometimes is too overwhelming the other way.]

    • They still had each other. They had kids to raise.

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