My life… my life has been… quite blah lately. By saying it has been blah, I by no means want to say that there was nothing going on.

When I stop and think about it, there were many things that took place.

Last night I was at the Notre Dame de Paris with the original Paris cast performing (Garou and the others). It was one of their last performances as the group, so I decided that I really want to go. I invited my mom, so it was our pre-Christmas celebration. We had good time. Any time with my mom is good time.

Also, I had the annual evaluation yesterday. Somehow, I ended up with a good KPI (Key Performance Indicators) picture, so I even got a bonus.

Our Friday study group finally moved from discussing random topics toward studying Bible. It is a blessing to be a part of this group and watch it develop.

Many other things…

Yet, I was watching my baby rose today (well, no longer a baby, she will be 2 years in March) and I thought that I often resemble her. My life resembles that rose. 

My admin manager gave it to me as  a present for a Women’s Day (which is celebrated in CIS on March 8). It was tiny. It was probably about 3 inches tall, yet it had flowers on it. After some time, the flowers faded, but I decided to move that tiny plant into a bigger pot. The rose liked it and grew.

It grew to be quite big – so big that I had to get some cocktail sticks to hold up the branches. Flowers appeared every once in a while.

Then the leaves at the foundation started turning yellow and falling off. I didn’t mind it at first, but then I realized that I only have a few leaves on the tips and the entire rose looked like a weird version of a palm tree – long bare branches with a few leaves at the ends.

After considering this, I decided to trim my rose. So I cut off the long branches and the rose was once again small – bare branches about 4 inches in length.

For a few days, the rose simply remained in that pathetic condition: bare sticks sticking out of the ground, with one leaf still remaining at the base.

Today I looked at it and realized something.

The sticks are no longer bare. There are about 5 or so new shoots at the foundation.

Still reddish in color, the new baby leaves are appearing on my barren rose.

Back to my life… 

I think right now, my life is at the point where my branches are long and barren, with only a few leaves at the ends.

It scares me because I don’t want my branches to be trimmed. I am intimidated by the thought that there would be a time of complete outside barrenness.

It gives me hope, however, that no matter what will take place, I will be able to grow again. There will be new baby branches starting.

I’ve got roots. I’ve got my big pot – bigger than I need. I’ve got water.

I just need to take that leap of faith and allow my branches to be trimmed.

It’s a big leap of faith.

*Bracing myself…*

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