[ignorance is bliss]

[ignorance is bliss]

In House M.D., there once was an episode about a man with whom I sometimes can easily identify. James Sidas, an exceptionally brilliant physicist and author who traded his successful career for a job as a courier. For him, his intelligence was an unbearable burden and caused depression and addiction.

Granted, I am not an exceptionally bright physicist, but sometimes I do get this wild desire to become a blonde.

We watch videos of them on YouTube and laugh at their complete ignorance of stuff – like knowing that France is actually a country, and not just a town… I laugh,  but sometimes I also envy them. They breeze through life, seemingly without a care, because most of the time, only girls who are well tended for can afford to remain a blonde. If you have to survive in this world, you’ll study.

A lot of people told me that I am too smart for my own good. Most of the time it was said jokingly, but we have a saying in Russian: “In every joke there’s a bit of a joke.” (Meaning, the rest is truth.)

The problem is – I like studying and learning new things. I like to be “in the know.” I like the feeling when someone asks a question and I’ve got the answer for that question. I like sharing my knowledge with others.


I want to be a blonde.

I don’t want to be a blonde.

Hamlet makes an entrance: “to be or not to be, that is the question.”

  • Mary

    Of course the whole concept of “a blonde” is a construct which is only good for jokes. In English we have “a dumb blonde”. I don’t know the origin of this. Nobody wants to be “a dumb blonde”, not really. It is only good for a laugh. In real life hair colour and intelligence are not related as far as we know!

    You are smart, and you look smart, so you could never be dumb, blonde or otherwise. “Ignorance is bliss” is an interesting phrase. There is a longer statement: “If ignorance is bliss, it’s folly to be wise.” I thought it was from Shakespeare, but a search on the Internet revealed the English poet Thomas Gray as the source. I still wonder about Shakespeare, it is such a smart statement.

    • Right – I was aiming for the “dumb blonde” meaning… No, I don’t REALLY want to be dumb, but sometimes it is so tempting and alluring to be not smart.

      And yes – the hair color and IQ don’t have anything in common (my best friend has got naturally-blonde hair, but she is one of the smartest girls I know).

      Thomas Gray, eh? Didn’t know the author of this phrase. Thanks for letting me know!

  • I chuckled at this. Does make me blonde or does that mean I needed to laugh? I’ll take the latter since I don’t have any hair to turn blonde, black, brown or gray. I have this sneaking suspicion though, from what I know, you would never pass as a blonde. In any way, shape or form.

    • I think it would be the latter…

      Bummer… (Btw, I used to be blonde when I was a kid… then I guess I grew up and got smarter).

  • This is pretty much the way my brain works, too. However, with my age… in a not-too-many years I’ll be 70. YUK!!! With all the computer stuff, I just am losing the learning issue. Just about the time I have a comp process understood and going forward with it… THINGS CHANGE!! I just can’t keep up with all of that. My husband… a number of years younger than I … is one of the brightest people in so many fields… and is a comp expert [Thank you, Jesus, b/c he can dig me out of trouble] and can do or explain nearly anything else. We live in challenging times. Those of you who are either younger or brighter, especially in the chemical, physics, math, etc., areas, are ones we can trust that can dig us out of trouble if it hits. [And, just like you, my hubby would like to be “blonde” occasionally so folks wouldn’t expect quite so much out of him.]

    Bless you for your knowledge,, sharing, efforts… and keeping it in the right place as you move forward with the Lord.

    • be “blonde” occasionally so folks wouldn’t expect quite so much – you know, Joanne, I think this is one of the issues… When people know that you know a lot, they keep asking questions (and sometimes they ask questions you don’t want to think about…)… At the same time, God knows what He’s doing, so obviously I’ll need my knowledge for something (how I wish to share it with my kids… whom I don’t have yet).

      Thanks for encouragement, Joanne! Seriously – it was just right.

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