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Zee Gimon

I am Zee. I call myself the Observer because that's what I find myself doing most of the time - observe life and people around me. My blog is a Pensieve, similar to that of Dumbledore, used to keep the thoughts and random ideas that visit my brain.

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  • Mary

    A thoughtful post. Discernment is very important. We are also asked not to judge. This can seem like a paradox. Discernment made without judgment is a key principle. This can take a long time to learn.

    The Voice for God tends to be a quiet one. It is easily drowned out by the ego’s raucous chatter. We all need reminding about this so we will fall quiet and listen.

    • His voice is quiet indeed. Whenever I am straining to hear Him in the thunder, I keep remembering Elijah on that mountain… Good thing He gave us TWO ears 😀

      Discernment without judgement – YES. Thank you – it’s another trap we can easily fall into.

  • Well done Zee. It is too bad that the baby often gets thrown out with the bathwater. Legitimate ministries/missions are victims of misguided ones and their reputations. I looked up whatever her name is (now Victoria) and may I say one thing? How do you say whacked in Ukrainian? Have a good weekend lil sis.

    • How do you say ‘whacked’ in Ukrainian? – схиблений 😀 (skhy-bleh-nniy) LOL. Yes – she is that. I feel sad for both her (because she’s in for some revelations later if she doesn’t get to know the real God in this life) and for those people who believed her, trying to find meaning and sense in their lives.

      Thanks – my weekend is promising to be a good one. We had an AWESOME study group last night (with more discussion on ‘real Christians’) and tonight we’re getting back together to make sushi and study more astronomy.

      Have a wonderful weekend, too, dear big brother – OVCF and their pastor are in my prayers 😉

  • I love this peice and how you ended it.

  • After a number of years as a Christian, I don’t usually have any misunderstanding of who to pay attention to and listen to. Comes with time and learning.

    For those who have recently come to the Lord, who haven’t learned much about cults and mis-teaching, for want of a better word, how are they supposed to know the differences? My dear Bhutanese “families” nearby, most of whom either came here as Christians or turned to the Lord from Hindu or Buddhism, sometimes struggle when someone knocks on their door. And the J.W.s have something to give them that we don’t… Bibles in the Hindi or Nepali languages. My families immediately learned the truth, however, and turned them away. Other refugees, mostly Burmese or Karin from Thailand camps, have been caught by these “faithful” door-knocking, block-walking people. What bugs me???? We [most Christians] aren’t willing to do that very thing. The J.W.s get the doors slammed in their faces, and they don’t mind, b/c they feel that is something that simply occurs when others don’t understand their Jehovah truths. In that manner/attitude, I think many of us should be more like them.

    • True – one gets to “spot” those easier over time.

      What bugs me???? We [most Christians] aren’t willing to do that very thing. – that is the sad truth. And to be completely honest, I am not sure I would do it – go from one apartment to another. My reasoning is feeble in this case (it is the fact that I cannot usually trust someone I just met with serious things – I usually have to analyze things myself and research it – or ask someone whom I do trust… so since I cannot easily trust someone like this, I don’t like to try to persuade them)…

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