[real christian: who is that?]

[real christian: who is that?]

At our Friday study group last week, we talked about who Christians are. Considering that one of the girls who comes to the group is not a Christian, yet curious what makes the rest of us “tick,” we finally started talking about what it really means to be a Christian.

This week is Thanksgiving week, and I am thankful for our study group’s leader, Fedya, who knows how to explain stuff (from theology to astronomy and charming quarks).

When we came to the office where he works, he already had prepared notes on the whiteboard.


Believes God
Loves others
Goes to Church
Reads Bible
Lives a moral life
Does good deeds

The discussion did not immediately move to what true Christianity means, but when we did get to it, Fedya motioned at the whiteboard.

“Do you agree that a Christian should…” and he named all the things that were in the list.

We all nodded.

“Does it make the person a Christian when s/he does these things?”

More on this topic later, but for now – what do you think? That list of things – does it make the person a Christian?

  • No I do not believe that list makes a person a Christian. I know there are people who do those things but are not. In fact, many churches are filled with them. Atheists will read the Bible-not for truth but for errors and to know their “enemy.” Those may be an outgrowth of our walk of faith but they do not make a person a christian. My .02 worth.

  • I think they can be possible indications that a person is a Christian but it is not what makes that person a Christian.

    • Indications… but not what makes a Christian – agree! πŸ™‚

      Thanks Susan πŸ™‚

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