I like routines. At the same time, they scare me.

I like them because I don’t like drastic changes. Every once in a while, my plans can change completely a few times in one day. However, most of the time, I prefer  to plan my actions beforehand. (The irony in that is the fact that I don’t like to play strategy games…)

Routines scare me because like the saying goes, “Nothing is constant in this world except change.” Routines frighten me because I know that once I get used to one routine, the moment that path changes, I’ll be probably freaking out and wondering how to get to the point B where I was planning on going from the point A where I started through this sudden point C where life took me.

Seems like lately, I’ve been figuring that point C stuff. Or, more like, points C, G, Y, Z, and a few more. It’s like connecting the dots but without any numbers – blindly trusting the inner instincts on where to draw the next line. And there’s no eraser either. (Sometimes I wonder what kind of monster I’ll get when I finish connecting the dots.)

Family, work, friends, Church, personal life… Everything seems as if it is changing. All at the same time (which makes my frantic feelings escalate in geometric progression). While I am saying that, I do not mean that all those changes are bad. However, they are still changes.

What keeps me sane (or at least semi-sane) in this rapid current of life is the fact that God does not change. He is the same. Today, several thousands years ago when Israelites were wandering in the desert, a few hundred years from now when space travel will not be a new thing, 13.7 billion years ago when He said “Let there be light!”… He is the same.

And that makes me take a deep breath, slowly exhale, and smile.

My God, my Dad, my King, is not going to change.


  • I like routines but I hate ruts. I have a routine in the morning-when to get up, what to do, what to do when I get to the office, etc. But I hate when I am made to feel pressured by that routine and it has become a rut. I also like change, but really like the fact that God is changeless. Yeah, I like that really well. Thanks for a through-provoker today lil sis.

    • To be completely honest, I have a love/hate relationship with ruts. I know they are bad, but DANG they are comfortable sometimes! However, yes – I agree – when routine pressures me into something, it’s no fun…

      Thanks for the thoughts, Bill!

  • Mary

    Can’t paste into this space, so will simply say your last sentence says it all.

    • Amazing and incredibly comforting that He never changes.

      Thanks, Mary!

  • I certainly agree with much of what you said. However, the most important portion is exactly what you said. God is the only “element” we can ever rely on and count on for consistency as the Creator and the “Followthrougher.” Without Him, nothing else would ever truly count.

    • Followthrougher – I love that word!!! 🙂 (and I love English because one can create words easily)

      Nothing counts and nothing makes sense without Him, indeed.

      Thanks, Joanne 🙂

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