[in the world, not of the world]

[in the world, not of the world]

Today I am joining Peter Pollock’s One Word at a Time Blog Carnival.

The word for today:


We, as Christians, are called to be in the world… yet remember that we are not of this world.

One of the biggest problems with us is that we easily can go to the extreme of being completely “not of this world” and forgetting about the fact that we are still here, for a reason.

At one of our Friday small groups, we were discussing whether middle ground is good. I actually think that sometimes middle ground is necessary. It is necessary to meet people half-way.

I am not talking about compromising our values just so that we can be closer to the people.


However, staying on one side and waiting for everyone else to come is silly too.

Jesus did not wait for people to change in order to come meet them.

He did not wait for all of us to die and then coming and doing something. He came before we even knew we needed Him.

He came to Zacchaeus ‘ place for dinner before Zach decided to give up his way of life and follow Him.

He is proactive in His relationships.

Secular… something of this world. 

Holy… something of the God’s world.

Two opposites, yet this world is where the two clash.

Secular – something usual.

Holy – something set apart. 

Can something usual rise to being set apart? 

I believe so.

We are not of this world. But we are in this world for a reason.

What are your thoughts? Can there be a balance? Is middle ground safe in this case? 

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