[let go…]

[let go…]

Stepping over the cracks,


Avoiding those broken lines in the pavement.

Just like avoiding conflicts and tough situations

In real life.

While the pavement is semi-normal, life is good.

I can manage those few cracks.

“God, I know this is my issue of control,”

I say, lifting my foot above yet another break.

“I should let go and let You…

I know it in my mind and in my heart…

Yet that stupid desire to have at least a little bit of control

Keeps coming back.


I’m drowning here.”

And then I halt.

Before me, there is a part of a sidewalk covered in small tiles.

No way I can weave between the cracks here.

There are too many.

“It’s okay, go ahead,”

I feel rather than hear that gentle whisper.

“You can do it, I’ll be with you.”

I make a tentative step,

Inwardly wincing when I land my foot.

Everything is okay. No one died.

I stepped on that crack and everything is as it was before.

I walk on, telling Him that He knows how to use the silliest examples to remind us of His ways.

His ways are higher than ours.

His ways are smooth and crackless.

He is the Way.

Together with Him, I can do it.

* * *

What is your way of dealing with stress? My subconscious ways are getting a haircut and stepping over the cracks…

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