[waiting thoughts]

[waiting thoughts]

I know I wrote a lot about waiting and how hard it is.

Today I finally understood why waiting is so hard for me.

It’s not so much not knowing the future. It stinks to be in the not-know, but it’s manageable.

What bugs me the most in waiting is not knowing what to do while you wait.

Often, when I get the “yellow light” at the life’s intersection, I feel as if I’m just idling there.


Being / feeling useless is my biggest fear. 

I want to do something. I want to be in the thick of the action. I prefer working behind the scenes, but quite often that is the thick of the action. I like to be near the action because I have an almost pathological need to observe something / someone. If I don’t observe, the gaze turns inward, and I don’t like to dwell on me.

Simply sitting there and waiting, it feels as if I am just lazy. It makes me feel as if I must simply be not hearing Him correctly, as if He already told me what to DO and I’m just here, sitting in the shade of the tree, observing.

Do you have problems with waiting? Do you have stories about waiting that you can now look back at and think “It was good that I waited”? Care to share any?

  • A long time ago I waited for Jesus to come back. I kept expecting his return around midnight on New Years, my birthday 😉 What a celebration that would be! A wedding and birthday rolled into one!

    Where this idea came from, I’m not sure. Maybe it came from the old Christmas hymn, “Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus” we’d sang during December. Maybe it lodged in my spirit, and maybe I thought that if I sang it enough like a mantra, he’d get tired of hearing it and return already.

    • That is interesting, Debra. I never thought of those two days combined to make a wedding and a birthday. Hmm… next time Harold Camping will decide to predict yet another date for Christ’s coming, I’ll ask him to do it on New Year’s eve or at least on February 1 (my b-day) 😀

      if I sang it enough like a mantra, he’d get tired of hearing it and return already – LOL 😀 I often say that it’s a great thing God doesn’t have literal ears – they would be talked off by us… or maybe He used to have ears… 😀

  • I take a page from Qui-Gon Jinn (Star Wars) when he was fighting Darth Maul and was forced to wait for those energy barriers to open. He sat patiently and meditated, sort of soaking in the moment, until it was time to fight again. Kenobi paced back and forth like a caged animal while he waited.

    That’s the mentality I’ve taken up in the last year or so toward waiting, whatever it is. I don’t worry about what I’m going to do, it’ll come to me. I just take it easy and either focus on something to do right now, or take the opportunity to meditate. I don’t want to waste energy in anticipation, and I definitely don’t want to get frustrated because I don’t have what I want right now (or on the flip side, freak out about what I don’t want to face). Waiting is just one more opportunity to soak up life, and I take it as often as I can.

    • Wow – I love that analogy!!! (And I like Star Wars and Qui-Gon Jinn…)

      Wow… thanks! 🙂

      (And welcome to my blog)

  • Mary

    J.R. Nova puts it well. Often we need to simply stop, let all our busy thoughts recede and come into the present moment. Here we will find a quiet centre within ourselves which will revive and refresh us. From there we can return to the busy world but retain that quiet centre which will be there to support us. In this way we can be effective when we do have to deal with the world and all its problems and busyness. Of course it is very easy to forget the quiet centre, but it is worth remembering because that is where God is.

    • From there we can return to the busy world but retain that quiet centre which will be there to support us. – yes. It is something I need to write on a post-it note and pin it at my desk so I won’t forget about it.

      Thanks, Mary!

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