[good time]

[good time]

I have spent an evening with a friend of mine as well as with my cousin an her husband. It was amazing. It was one of those quiet evenings when you sit down, drinking hot tea, and simply talk.

We didn’t talk of anything serious. It also felt as if this was something we do on regular basis, something very natural – certainly not like the reality of being from three different countries, cultures, and languages.

My cousin and I are from Ukraine. Her dad was Tatar, mine – Ukrainian. Our grandma is from Russia.

My cousin’s husband, Martin, is from Germany, but I suspect it’s not only German blood he’s got running in his veins.

Our friend, David Hayes, is a pastor from Indiana, US. He along with his family were missionaries here back at the very dawn of the Church of the Nazarene in Ukraine, but between then and last year, there were 17 long years he hasn’t been to this neck of the woods.

We spoke a mixture of Russian, German, and English. The laughter sounds the same in all languages of the world. The smiles don’t need a language at all.

We spoke of stories of old; we spoke of what happened in this year we haven’t seen each other; we talked about what might happen.

We enjoyed each other’s company. A brief glimpse of Heaven, it felt like to me. Work pressure aside, health problems forgotten, unresolved issues not bothering us…

I miss those old times of easy conversations when quietness is accepted.

I miss those times when YouTube was not necessary for a good laugh.

David said a good phrase today, while reminiscing about the time when they lived here right after the Soviet Union fell apart.

“We didn’t have much, but we had time.”

These days we are running between events and meetings, Church worship times and small study groups, work and home.

Our to-do lists are miles long, and if we don’t write something down, it probably would remain undone because there are so many other things on our mind.

I am glad that God still plucks us out of our uber-busy schedules and places us among friends and family for some quality time together.

When was the last time you’ve spent some quality time with friends or family? What did you do? 

  • I look for every possible opportunity to see my girls and grandson. I spent time this past summer with my next brother and the one down from him made the trip to his place. Afterwards, we went to a Pirate baseball game. This holiday season will bring our family together. It will be really crowded but it will be fun. Can’t wait to maybe meet David some day. Then I get all the scoop about a younger and a not-so-young Zee. 🙂

    • LOL. Now I’m worried about the fact that you two live that close to each other 😀

  • Reading your post warmed my heart. I felt as if the world had shrunk. As if I’d known you from somewhere… and yet we’ve never met. But you seem like you could be a sister, and spiritually speaking, you are.

    I spend quality time with my family every day. Every morning my daughter and I read together and discuss the book. Then we practice piano… then we read some more… then we eat…

    And friends… I am wealthy is friends. I don’t mean quantity. Quality friends, the kind you write about in this post.

    • The world indeed is getting smaller every single day… It’s amazing!

      It would be so cool to read a book together with my daughter (or son, or whoever I will one day have)… I hope my kids get my love for reading (not the addiction, just love)))))

      Quality not quantity – yes, it matters in friends as well. I know a lot of people due to my work and just from teams who come over for a visit to Ukraine, but there are also people who know me and I know them… they are the people with whom I can share a comfortable silence as well as an easy laugh or a serious talk.

      Thanks for stopping by, Debra! 🙂

  • Mary

    Zee, what you describe is like “a brief glimpse of Heaven” – this is a perfect description of it. I do not do this often enough. We all need to take time for these experiences otherwise we are just on the treadmill and life can become sterile.

    • Yes – this kind of time fuels the life inside of us.

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