[lonely dance]

[lonely dance]

Seems like everyone else has the someone they need and there’s an odd number of people like me…

I am singing along with Everyday Sunday tonight.

This has been my song for the last couple of months.

Every part of me feels it tonight
Alone to the tips of my fingers
But it all goes away when the sun comes up
So you’ll never see this…

I keep wondering…
I keep wandering…
Wandering too close to the dangerous precipice
Peeking down and wondering
Would it hurt to fall? Would it make a difference?

I feel as if I am in a field full of people
I turn around and around
As if I am dancing
But in reality,
I am looking for someone to dance with.

Yet everyone is already dancing with someone else.

The lyrics came from Everyday Sunday’s song Untitled, Anonymous.

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