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Zee Gimon

I am Zee. I call myself the Observer because that's what I find myself doing most of the time - observe life and people around me. My blog is a Pensieve, similar to that of Dumbledore, used to keep the thoughts and random ideas that visit my brain.

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  • Can I take the easy way out and say, “Yes!” Or is that just an excuse for not engaging in conversation? 🙂 I have to admit lil sis. I have never read HP. I really don’t know why since I used to read Lewis and Lawhead and watched LOTR (not read them though) and still do like an occasional fantasy novel. Maybe it was the preconceived idea I had from someone else. Again, is that an excuse? you make a good case here and maybe i will take up that first HP novel and give it a try. But please don’t try to get me to read any Twilight novel. Love ya.

    • Heh, I can understand the point of view of “I don’t know since I haven’t read it.” That makes sense. However, it bugs me the most when people say “I tried watching the first movie and I didn’t like it.”

      I am not advocating for everyone to read Potter. I am simply using it as a tool when I know that whoever I am talking to has read / watched it and knows the story. Dunno – you might want to give it a try sometime – but beware – you’ll want to read the entire story 😀

      I won’t try to get you to read any Twilight because I haven’t read / watched neither of the series. And frankly, I don’t even want to. I did want to read it some time ago, but only because all the girls at the youth group seemed infatuated (or “in love”) with the characters. Thankfully, they have moved on (or at least they are no longer “in love” with werevolves and vampires) and so my reason for reading those novels has disappeared.

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