[kids questions]

[kids questions]

“Do you have kids?” she asked as she proceeded to climb all over me.


“Do you have a husband?”

“Not yet.”

“Do you have a lover?”

That earned a grin. “No.”

“I’ll be your kid, then.”

“What about your mom?”

“Well, she can get some rest. She’s tired.”

That was the conversation I had this morning with one of the kiddos that was in my camp team this summer. She is hilarious. Smart and spunky. She reminds me of myself a bit, only I didn’t like dancing and reciting poems. Oh, yeah, and she likes pink – everything is pink!

During the service, before the kids left to Sunday School, she stayed with me, twirling during the songs, clapping our hands, and being silly.

It felt great.

And that first question that she asked out of the blue… oh, how many times have I asked God a question along the same lines lately… “When, God?”

But I guess for now I’ll enjoy brief moments of quasi-motherhood.

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