[kids questions]

[kids questions]

“Do you have kids?” she asked as she proceeded to climb all over me.


“Do you have a husband?”

“Not yet.”

“Do you have a lover?”

That earned a grin. “No.”

“I’ll be your kid, then.”

“What about your mom?”

“Well, she can get some rest. She’s tired.”

That was the conversation I had this morning with one of the kiddos that was in my camp team this summer. She is hilarious. Smart and spunky. She reminds me of myself a bit, only I didn’t like dancing and reciting poems. Oh, yeah, and she likes pink – everything is pink!

During the service, before the kids left to Sunday School, she stayed with me, twirling during the songs, clapping our hands, and being silly.

It felt great.

And that first question that she asked out of the blue… oh, how many times have I asked God a question along the same lines lately… “When, God?”

But I guess for now I’ll enjoy brief moments of quasi-motherhood.

  • I have a 36 year old who has asked the same questions as you lil sis. It breaks my heart because she has so much to give but then, like you, she gives herself away to so many others. Some day I am sure God will bring the right man along for you. Until then…enjoy your quasi-motherhood. 🙂 Least when they act up or scream you can give them back to their moms.

    • It stinks… I never expected that I would want kids – I used to run away as far as I could from them, just a few years ago… I have no idea what happened.

      Least when they act up or scream you can give them back to their moms. – yeah…

  • Ah, yes, the brief joys and long-term sorrows of “quasi-motherhood,” or “surrogate motherhood” as it’s jokingly called in my circles. That sort of thing partially filled a gaping hole in my heart during my early twenties, but as I grew older and older it became less and less satisfying. This must be really hard on you. My prayers are with you.

    • Thanks, Jenny! Guess I just never thought there’s a hole… before it presented itself in all its “beauty.” Another thing that contributes is that almost all my friends have kids now.

  • Comment

    • LOL, that’s very informative, Tony 🙂 Guess something didn’t work properly…

  • I had a little hiccup when trying to comment earlier. 🙂

    Cool new site (I haven’t been in blog world for a little while).

    I love the questions that kids ask – even when they have a way of becoming a ‘splinter in my mind’. I have 2 kids and sometimes they ask questions that I am not sure how to answer… or if I should.

    There is just enough kid left in me that I still ask some silly questions myself. Most of the time I can’t answer them… but that isn’t the important thing about my questions… sometimes my questions are more about the exploration.

    • Cool new site – thanks 🙂 Updated the design around 1am on Sunday 😀 I liked the previous one too, but there were a couple of drawbacks about it, so decided it’s time to change. Glad you like it 🙂

      How old are your kiddos? 🙂 I think being a parent is an awesome school – a tough one, but there are so many valuable lessons one can learn.

      • My kids are starting to grow up on me.. the oldest will be 19 in January and the youngest turns 14 today.

        I often think we live life backward when it comes to parenting.. we learn as we go knowing more after we have already raised them.

        • Awesome – happy birthday to your youngest! 🙂

          I’ve heard a saying (not sure if there’s an equivalent in English): “Our kids are our last toys; our grandkids are our first kids.” I guess you’re right – life is a backward thing in general 🙂

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