[6 years.]

[6 years.]

It has been 6 years since I have started blogging.

Wow. Time flies.

Many things have been shared on my blogs – first on Xanga, then at NazareneBlogs.org, and now here, at my own domain.

What has been the most interesting lesson you’ve learned through blogging?

  • First congrats lil sis. Proud of you for hanging in there. What I have learned? Many lessons. I need to stay fresh. people come and go. Many who were there in the beginning have moved on. I have moved on. I used to visit sites to read and learn and comment. I no longer visit sites I cannot comment on. Many more and I am sure there will be more as time moves on.

    • Thanks, Bill! 🙂 It has definitely been a fun adventure (and it is not over either!)

      People come and go – this is the lesson I’m learning these days. It’s not my favorite lesson to learn, but it keeps coming up. *Sigh*

  • Mary

    Zee, I enjoy your blogs and look forward to many more. I do not write blogs myself, yet.

    • Thanks Mary – you’ve been a great support for these couple of months 🙂 It’s always good to have feedback 🙂

      P.S. I just recently realized that we have a common friend – Vera Kushnir. That is so awesome – the world is small!!

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