Something was bound to happen.

Something happened.

Thankfully, I wasn’t asleep.

One of the cords from my computer decided to burn up. Thankfully, it’s not the main cord and thankfully it’s easily replaceable. Yet, to see sparks and flame coming out from a cord on the floor was something that spooked me.

I often wonder… how many times did God save me from accidents that had the potential to end up badly?

In the morning, I am flying out to a Eurasian Church of the Nazarene Conference.

Something is bound to happen there. Good things, I hope.

I am anxious.

And other thoughts are whirrling in my brain, but I have no idea how to describe them… so I better go to sleep. Have to get up in less than 5 hours.

What does the future hold?

P.S. Just wanted to say… I love you all.

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