I am watching a new TV show (well, new for me). It’s called FlashForward and is about an FBI investigation. One day, all people all around the world blacked out for 2:17 minutes. During that time, they saw their future – what they will be doing in 6 months.

No one knows (yet) what caused such an event and considering that a lot of people died during that blackout (planes crashed, cars ran into each other, etc), it is necessary to find out how to prevent this from happening again.

During the investigation, the characters have to deal with the information they have been given. Their personal futures.

One sees going back to being a drunk.

Another sees herself with another man, other than her husband.

Some don’t see anything at all.

Some see good things, new lives, getting pregnant.

Some view it as a blessing, some view it as a curse.

Some are looking forward to it, some are afraid of it.

This made me think…

I often plead God to tell me what is going to happen. “Please… just a bit… I just want to know…”

But watching this show made me think, do I really want to know? Will knowing what will happen in a year help me or hinder me?

It is weird to admit this, but I actually don’t want to know.

I don’t want to know because then I will be living that moment I saw, not the life that goes on around me. I will concentrate on reaching that  goal and nothing else will matter…

Can the future be changed? I don’t know. I believe it can be – only God knows what the options will be.

If you were given an opportunity to see what you will be doing in exactly a year, just a 2-minute glimpse… would you want to see it?

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