[downside down kingdom]

[downside down kingdom]

Most of the days, I do not read / listen to news. Well, to what-goes-on-in-the-country kind of news. Whenever I hear them, they depress me – all the politicians’ lies… and all with one goal: to get more money for themselves.

At Church today, one of the questions that was asked by the lady who preached was “What is a kingdom?”

Someone said, “It’s a country with a king and his people.”

At first, I was about to name this post “Upside down kingdom” – that’s how I tagged it in my iPod even… Yet then I thought… God’s kingdom is the one that is downside down. Yes, we are used to politicians who cheat and lie and are greedy… but that doesn’t make God’s kingdom an upside down one.

Politicians of this world, who require us to pay taxes to them, so that they accumulate more and more wealth…


God who owns it all and is eager to share His wealth with us, His servants. 

I am glad that I am a citizen of His kingdom.

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