Some say that Gideon was a cowardly man.

I think God has chosen well.

It might take guts to try to defeat an army, but it also takes guts to challenge God and ask for a sign. And despite the fear, Gideon did do what God asked him to.

His story also shows that God’s got an ironic sense of humor sometimes.

One moment Gideon was happy that finally he could complain about all the troubles that befell on his people.

The next moment, the Lord turns the tables and says, “Go with the strength you have, and rescue Israel from the Midianites. I am sending you!”

I can see Gideon’s face expression so vividly in my mind’s eye.

O_O “ME?! But my tribe is the tiniest and I am the least important person in the tribe!”

Yet… Gideon did what was asked…

After he asked for a couple of signs.

Sometimes, I am tempted to ask for a sign. A tiny one.

But then, I wonder whether it will be a coward’s way – to ask for a sign and not trust that God will work the situation out.

I trust God… and I know He’s got my best in His plans. But one sign? One tiny little sign to show where this is all going?

He knows the deep desperate desires of my heart. He knows them well – and I remind Him every day.

I haven’t asked for a sign yet…

But the temptation is there.

Have you ever asked God for a sign?

  • Yes I have. Sad part is that I was and have been able to manipulate my “signs request” to get the result I wanted. I have tried to stop using that approach.

    • Heh, yeah. That is what I am afraid of doing… Because I want the outcome I want so much, I am worried that if I will one day ask for a sign, I will interpret it the way it fits my desire.

      On another hand, that fear for asking for a sign wreaks havoc when God does send signs my way – I have no idea how to interpret them properly, because once again I have no idea whether I will understand what God really meant.

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