[simple solutions]

[simple solutions]

For a couple of weeks, I have been at loss. While I have absolutely no design education or anything, I somehow ended up being a sort of in-house designer when it comes to random banners and stuff at work.

The loss occured when I opened my Photoshop CS5 to create yet another banner and realized that when I clicked on color palette that all colors were differently set up. It used to be just like the picture on the left, but suddenly I had found myself face-to-face with the one on the right.

The major problem was that I had no idea how to describe the problem that I was having. I think I have read all Adobe Photoshop manuals I could find to solve this problem. I have asked numerous friends. No one knew… I almost gave up, when I decided, as a last resort, ask one last friend.

“What did you do? Did you try choosing Only Web Colors?”

“I am not *that* blonde,” I said (and a few moments later, I felt just like a pure-blooded blonde…)

“Have you tried the Swatches?”

“No, it’s not that either.”

And then Fedya did what solved the issue. He pointed at the color palette window, “You’ve chosen R range from RGB and you were looking for H from HSB.”

I was lost for three weeks. Fedya fixed the issue with one click – because one click was what was required.

I guess I am thankful for all the information that I’ve scoured while looking how to get back to my color palette, but I am definitely happy that I’ve got my gray gradients back.

All that brought me to thinking… (and this is not a new topic for me)…

How much we do in our lives that is not necessary – or making the problem way more complicated than it really is.

Yet, you need to know which button to click or else you will be clicking everything else and to no avail – the problem will not be fixed.

Another thing is…

This whole color palette thing reminded me of our lives. We were created to live in one reality, yet due to the Fall, we are living in another.

This new reality is not comfortable, yet it’s okay. We’ve learned to live our lives with it present. Perhaps that requires inventing colors or just looking them up online. We have learned how to get the result that we desire (or close to it) with limited resources that we have.

And it seems like there’s no way around it – we’ve read so much and we’ve learned so much.

Yet there’s a solution. A simple one. All the hard work has been done before we were born – and not by our parents either. One decision, one click – and you start to see the real colors once again.

I am glad to be back with the real colors.

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