[the most frequent prayers]

[the most frequent prayers]

What are our most frequent one-breath prayers?

“I don’t know.”

“I have no idea what You have prepared.”

“What will happen?”

“Will I make it?”

“When will it happen?”

“Thank You.”

The future is unknown. We are tempted to dwell on the past because it’s known and it cannot change. The present is a too-vague notion.

The experience shows that if we trust Him in the present moment with our future, when we look at our past, we’ll see His hand directing the orchestra of events and “coincidences.”

But it’s so hard! (Not sure why… I’ve been down this road many times. Yet, the future is still unknown.)

However, the experience has taught me that “Thank You” is never out of line – simply because He does take care of me and protects, even when I am unaware of the dangers that might destroy me.

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