[on emptiness]

[on emptiness]

We feel like we’re overflowing
With emotions,
With stress,
With ordinarities of the days we live
Without even noticing that we are living.

We need to be emptied.

The walls we’ve constructed
Sometimes need to be broken
In order to build them again –
Correctly this time.

The process is no fun.
No one likes having big gaping holes inside.

One day they are going to be filled.

With right things.

  • Oh, I know how this feels.

    Because lately, I've been just going through the motions.

    And I want to stop.

    Thank you.
    My recent post amongst the ugly

    • Going through the motions is exhausting – even when it seems like you're not doing that much, it still exhausts…

      Take care, brother.

  • Loved the thoughts my friend. Love the idea of breaking down the walls in order to rebuild them with right things. Love ya.
    My recent post Baggage

    • Yeah – if only the process of that breaking down was less painful…

  • I do long for that emptiness just so I could fill it with something good!
    My recent post A purple journey makeover

    • Hey Savira – thanks for coming by.

      The emptiness is good, but seems like only in retrospect we can see its real value.

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