[learning life lessons]

[learning life lessons]

Something I was told threw me off…

“Vanya is going to be playing bass guitar now.”

I stared at the guy who told me that. “What?!”

Not that I was opposed to Vanya playing – but it hurt to be told that I am no longer playing in the praise team…

“When was this decided?”

“Last Sunday. Look, I don’t know the details fully, so don’t get all upset just yet.”

“And no one told me? Who is playing this Sunday? What time should I come to Church?” More questions were forming in my head but it was pointless to ask them.

“Well, I guess you’re still playing this Sunday since Vanya will be getting over jet-lag.”


Sunday morning came quickly and I woke up debating what to do. I sort of wished I could sleep in for another hour but then, I had no idea what is going on. So I got up, had a cup of tea, and came to Church. There was a bunch of people sitting in a circle in the sanctuary.

“Vanya is going to play today, but please join us for the prayer meeting.”

To be completely honest, prayer was the last thing on my mind at that moment. I wasn’t angry, but the feeling of disappointment filled my insides. Yet, I nodded, attempted to smile, and sat down.

Sergey talked about the reasons for the prayer meeting and stuff, but I had trouble listening. All I could think of was “I’m not on the team anymore.”

My thoughts were interrupted by a gentle reminder that could only come from one Source.

“Don’t you remember what you’ve asked Me about?”

“I didn’t ask You to get me off the worship team…”

“Not directly. But you did say, ‘I need to let others get more involved with the Church – I do too much stuff.’ Remember?”

I looked at the floor. “Mm hmm… But… But I like being a part of the worship team.”

“You need to get some time off.”

“Do I have a choice?”

“There’s always choice.”

“Somehow I think to choose something else from what I’ve got would be wrong.”

“That’s right.”

The official prayer started. I bowed my head and closed my eyes, trying to get over the feeling of disappointment that still threatened to wash over me and drown me. And then… it went away. I have no idea how or why or when… It just did.

“Thank You for the lessons You’re teaching us,” I prayed out loud. “And thank You for always answering us… even when the answers are NOT what we have expected. Bless the worship team and help them to be one body and remember why they are there.”

…The service went great. When it ended, the worship team leader came up to me.

“Hey, listen. I just wanted to let you know – there will be two worship teams – just so that we can take turns in playing and get some time off. Is this… is it okay?”

I smiled.

“Yes. It is great.”

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