[5 minute friday: older]

[5 minute friday: older]

Joining Lisa-Jo’s 5-minute blog carnival today. 

The topic is “Older.”


I feel like a kid when I am around kids. I feel older when I am around people my age.

As long as I can remember myself, I usually ended up hanging out with people who were older than me. A couple of years ago I took a test “What is your internal age?” and came up with 35. Considering that I was about 12-13 years younger than that at the time, it was interesting to find out. However, when I think about it, it makes sense. That is the age of most of my close friends.

During my occasional walks downtown, I look at the young people and I am tempted to say “When I was their age…”

Then I stop because I realize that I’ve been “their age” just a couple of years ago. Did I really grow old inside?

I listen to the music they listen to, I look at the books they are reading, I observe their style in clothing… And I wonder – where have I been? Did I travel through a time-warp hole that messed up who I am inside and outside?


Have you ever felt that your age does not fit you?

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